The time between pressing send on your email and it landing in your recipients inbox is often seconds, so quick that it feels instantaneous.

When it moves that fast, it's easy to take for granted the intricate process of your emails journey. Many factors along the way will affect where your email lands, if its even opened, and whether your recipients will ultimately engage with your carefully crafted content.

Good to Know...

  • ESP: Email Service Provider - this would be APSIS One.

  • ISP: Internet Service Provider - this is the inbox provider; think Gmail or Hotmail.

  • DKIM: Digital Signature used to authenticate emails.

  • SPF: A domain's list of approved outgoing senders.

  • DMARC: A policy that determines the authenticity of each email and whether or not to accept it.

Deliverability & You

What happens to an email after you press send? What can you do to make sure it reaches its destination?

Click one of the following links and follow the emails journey from you to your recipients.

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