Customer Data Collection Demystified

Many APSIS One features and capabilities solve the customer data conundrum. However, here's more on how you can put data silos and manual tasks to rest (finally).

You're after customer insights. Here's how you get there:

  • Install the APSIS One Tracking Script in your website to enrich your Profiles with their browsing behavior.

  • Get your systems connected, in one place, with APSIS One's native integrations and the API.

  • Migrate your APSIS Pro data with the Migration Wizard.

  • And, if you're old-school, roll-up your sleeves and get your CSV files in APSIS One with the File Import Wizard and never worry about it again.

Does a Tracking Script sound intimidating?

Nothing to worry about. Daily APSIS One task don't require strong technical skills, and installing the Tracking Script is a one-off chore. The Tracking Script makes it easy for you to get consent, which ultimately you'll need to collect data from your website's visitors.

Here's how the Tracking Script works, put simply:

1. Get the code into your website's head section. Here you might need a hand if you're not a developer, but it's a two-minute task. It doesn't interfere with the rest of your website's code, since it loads asynchronously.

2. Once installed, the Tracking Script loads a JavaScript library. A JavaScript library is where the application that connects your website to APSIS One is stored. It makes the script work.

3. The Tracking Script signals to APSIS One that your domain is connected. You're ready to create or connect a Cookie Banner to start gathering cookie consent and browsing behavior!

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