Since recommendations rely on merchandising rules to select the most relevant items to be displayed, Product Recommendations will be most powerful when aligned seamlessly at all stages of the customer journey.

Purchasing the Product Recommendations add-on will elevate your marketing to the next level by combining all the power of APSIS One into one seamless shopping experience.

  • Create recommendations based on demographic or behavioral data

  • Use Profile data to create recommendations that truly hit home

  • Give your revenue an extra kick by showing products that you know your customers cant resist

  • Target customers with the right message at the right time by sending consistent messages across all channels.

  • Increase basket size and average order value

  • Improve your Google ranking. With our Product Recommendations add-on, your customers will see more relevant content, and their positive experiences with your brand will result in a higher Google ranking

  • Increase the average time spent on your website

  • Improve your results and ROI by promoting high margin products

  • Clear your inventory by promoting excess stock to those customers who are most likely to convert

Want to know more?

Check out our Use Cases for the Product Recommendations add-on for inspiration!

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