As a part of our add-on package, the APSIS One Product Recommendations add-on is essential to taking your ecommerce business the next level.

It doesn't matter what you're selling or how big your business is, our Product Recommendations add-on can be perfectly tailored to your business.

Understand your Audience

Are you utilizing all of the Profile data collected in APSIS One? As an intuitive, data-driven tool for all marketers, APSIS One allows you to create personalized and automated recommendations based on the behavioral data collected across all of your platforms and channels.

Our Product Recommendation tool translates these interactions and consumer behavior from your Audience into exactly what each one of your customers want and need. Inspire your Audience by displaying the new products they're bound to love, based on an automatic blend of their past behavior and smart predictive behavior, and bring the product directly to them!

How Does This Work?

By transforming the data collected in APSIS One to proactive and personalized recommendations, our Product Recommendations add-on adds relevance to your marketing efforts, predicting what you customers may want to buy next, and increases your ROI!

Your Product Recommendations asset will be populated with products depending on which of the three types of logic chosen.

  • Machine Learning: A Machine Learning asset will be populated with a mix of potential and actual purchases from all of the visitors of your website. Think of it as a Most Popular!

  • Crowdsourced: These assets will be populated with the products that your website visitors have recently been interacting with. A crowdsourced asset shows your visitors your hottest products with up-to-the-minute relevance.

  • Personalized: A Personalized asset is catered to the individual Profile - using behavioual and event data from their APSIS One Profile, these assets will display relevant products that have previously been browsed, carted, or purchased by the customer.


Read more about the Use Cases for the Product Recommendations add-on.

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