Use Cases for Magento Integration

If you've already integrated your Magento account with your APSIS One account, then you're ready to elevate your online store with all the power of APSIS One's data driven marketing.

But how exactly can you do this? Let's take a look at some of the best ways to use your Magento integration.

Elevate abandoned cart flows

While most ecommerce platforms offer some form of abandoned cart functionality, Magento has a default flow of up to three mails, allowing you a greater degree of customisation than other ecommerce platforms.

With APSIS One you can customise the content, add multiple emails, or branch the flow based on cart value or attributes specific to a known prospect.

Improve your welcome flow

In each customer journey, it's critical for your business to welcome aboard your new customers, introduce your business, and display the product offering relevant to each customer.

As part of a welcome flow in APSIS One, you can utilise all pre sign-up behaviour from your customers, vital information like browsing history and data collected from the sign-up form.
Transform all these data points into a friendly and personalised welcome flow, making all new customers feel welcome from the very first hello.
If design isn't your strong suit, make use of APSIS One's pre-designed welcome flow templates, and set the right tone for a successful relationship from the get-go.

Enhance the Customer Journey

There's several ways to enhance the customer journey by integrating Magento with your APSIS One account. let's take a look at some of the most popular:

  • Play with creative forms to capture the attention of your website's visitors, direct them in the right direction, and collect valuable data

  • Easily build advanced Marketing Automation flows that react to purchases (RFM) and abandoned carts

  • Bring personalisation to a higher level in your welcome flows, post-purchase flows, birthday greetings, loyalty campaigns and more

  • Populate your Audience data with spending habits, basket size, and behavioural data, and transform into personalised communications and Product Recommendations.

  • Create professional emails for each flow or campaign that promote your brand and enhance the customer experience

  • Benefit from APSIS One's cross-channel automation. Send Email and SMS, create beautiful forms and pages, and more!

Want to know more?

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Head to our dedicated Magento section to start with your integration today.

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