Why CRM Integrations?

For businesses that use CRM systems, it can be an uphill battle to convert the data they collect into the valuable insights that both sales and marketing teams need, to nurture new leads, and retain customers.

CRM systems are limited when it comes to creating smart Segments, automating your communications, and generating insights about your customer's behavior. When all of this valuable data sits in data silos, and is isolated from your digital marketing efforts, how can you be expected to convert this information to successful results?

This is where APSIS One comes in...

APSIS One CRM Integrations put you back in control of your customers' data in a unified and easy way. By integrating your CRM system with APSIS One, you have the holistic access to behavioural data, Events, and all the tools necessary to create personalised, targeted marketing campaigns.

All of this, combined with an easy-to-use and intelligent platform, and the secure consent management that you've come to expect from APSIS One.

The Benefits of Integrations

Integrating your CRM with APSIS One is a simple choice:

When Sales know more, they sell more:

  • With integrations, view email and website interactions on the contact card. Track customer data and drive personalisation in your communications. (Available in Microsoft Dynamics)

  • Tag and manage your customer's Profile directly from the contact card, and seamlessly blend data from APSIS One and your CRM together.

  • View and manage consent directly from the contact card.

  • Make real-time behavioural data from marketing activities a natural part of the sales conversation.

When Marketing knows more, they communicate better:

  • Enrich and tailor your marketing campaigns with up-to-date customer information from your CRM.

  • Use Segments from the CRM in APSIS One.

  • Create leads and activities from Marketing Automation flows. (Available in Microsoft Dynamics)

By integrating your CRM with APSIS One, you can invest the right resources into the customers that deliver the highest business value. Our CRM Integrations allow you to combine the data from your CRM and from other channels all in one place - your APSIS One Profiles.

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