Why Ecommerce Integrations?

For retailers, ecommerce platforms are an absolute necessity to keep their online stores working. Not only do ecommerce platforms help retailers build, unify, and manage online stores, they are also a rich source of both behavioral data and transactional data. Data like products carted and average order value are gold to your marketing efforts and personalization.

With our Ecommerce integrations we sync your store data to your APSIS One Audience, making it easy for you to access all of the features and data you need - in one place.

Should I Integrate with APSIS One?

If you have an ecommerce platform and haven't yet integrated it with your APSIS One account, the short answer is yes, absolutely!

An Ecommerce integration enables you to promote your products and grow your customer base with personalised and targeted communication across all channels with APSIS One.

You will be able to use data like RFM metrics, Products, Orders, Carts, Customers, Promo Codes and Subscribers to create intelligent Marketing Automation flows specifically for your entire brand.

Whether you're a smaller business or a large retailer, integrating your ecommerce platform with APSIS One will add value to your digital marketing by making your commerce data a part of the overall customer journey. We make it easy to connect customer behaviour from your store, showcase your products with style, recommend items, and recapture lost sales.

Ready to get started?

Head to our dedicated Magento section to learn how to integrate today!

Want to integrate your ecommerce platform but it's not supported? We're constantly developing new integrations, so reach out to your APSIS One account manager to learn more.

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