Sending SMS messages to your prospects and customers is a quick and surefire way to make sure your communications are delivered fast, and are almost guaranteed to be read!

As virtually all mobile phones can send and receive text messages, the reach of an SMS marketing campaign is tremendous. Create short, personalised messages, include CTAs to direct recipients to your website, and track response data immediately - SMS campaigns will elevate your communication strategy and make sure your message is heard.

Did you know...

SMS messages have an astonishingly higher open rate than email messages: 90% of SMS messages are opened and read by recipients. Not to mention SMS click rates are much higher as well, with over 30%!
However, as SMS is much more personal form of communication, it should always be used with other marketing methods across the customer journey like email, as they're much stronger together!

The Keys to Great SMS!

In today's world of instant messages, SMS marketing messages are typically read even faster than email.

However, SMS messages are a more personal form of communication, so marketeers must be careful to find the right balance between content and frequency. Here's a few things to consider before integrating SMS into your marketing strategy:

  • Get consent! As with email, getting consent before you send your SMS will ensure it's being sent to those who are already interested in your message, and will reduce the rate of bounces and unsubscribes. Are you up to date with GDPR?

  • Curate the content! Every character counts in your SMS - convey the message you want to send in a short and sweet text, and keep your subscribers interested.

  • Have you included a link? Tell your subscribers exactly what to do with a well placed link. Direct them to your website, to fill in a form, and nurture potential leads.

  • Subscribers respond positively to personalisation - don't forget to personalise your message with data tags, and filter your audience using Segments.

  • Always include an Unsubscribe Link! A simple but effective way to maintain your data hygiene, and essential to all of your communications.

  • Not too little and not too much! Finding the balance between how many message you send, and even the time you send them, can take a bit of experimentation, but is a necessity for a successful marketing campaign. Make sure to check your SMS reports after each sending to analyse how well your message performed.

Need some inspiration?

Regardless of your business model, the benefits from an SMS campaign are immediate.

Check out some of the most common Use Cases for B2C or B2B SMS Marketing.


  • Physical and online stores: Send your customers coupons, order confirmation notices, shipping notifications, and notifications of sales.

  • Restaurants: Automate reservation reminders, seasonal menus or deals of the day, and manage delivery services.

  • Beauty salons and spas: Send confirmation and reminders of appointments, special offers, or gifts for special occasions.

  • Schools and educational institutions: Alerts for campus schedules, homework reminders, and event registrations.

  • Bars and nightlife: Advertise shows and performances, drinks and food promotions, or VIP promotions.

  • Travel agencies: Automate flight confirmation messages, travel tickets, and advertise discounts.

  • Real estate: Alert prospective buyers of purchase opportunities and confirmation of viewing appointments.

  • Doctors, dentists, lawyers: Send appointment reminders and confirmations.


  • Confirmation messages sent to lead after downloading material or booking meetings - remember the personal touch!

  • Keep in touch with prospects and customers.

  • Remind customers of upcoming events or things to remember - NPS surveys, webinars, conferences, whatever you need to communicate, SMS has you covered.

  • Personalise communications by choosing a sender name the recipient is bound to know and be receptive to - this could be the Key Account Manager, the CEO, or the CCO.

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