When many digital marketing campaigns are dominated by email, it's easy to overlook the power and reach of SMS communications.

As consumers, we're constantly on the go, and our mobiles phones are almost always with us. Take advantage of this phenomenon to build stronger relationships with your customers, and personalise your communications.

At just 160 characters, SMS messages are the perfect direct communication channel with your subscribers. Send a clear and concise marketing message, with room enough to include a CTA to direct them to where you want to go, and know that it will land directly in the hands of your audience, exactly when you want it to.

Is SMS Right for You?

There's only benefits to utilising SMS in your marketing campaigns:

  • Personalised Messages

SMS is the most direct and personal touchpoint within digital marketing. Maximise its impact by crafting personalised messaged using data tags and Segmentation, and create a personal and relevant customer experience that truly hits home.

  • Integrate your Campaigns

Working side-by-side with your email marketing campaign, SMS communications will strengthen your presence, and has the power to influence a customer's relationship with your brand. Integrate SMS messages into your Marketing Automation flows, and stay relevant for your audience.

However, SMS marketing requires a delicate balance and you will never want it to stand alone or be too frequent. We urge our marketers to find the right balance.

  • Real-Time Reports

What makes your Audience click? Analyse and optimise your campaigns with real-time data captured directly from your customers mobile devices. The APSIS One SMS Tool offers you immediate results for your campaigns in SMS reports. You will be able to see how many Profiles received your SMS, how many unique clicks it had, and how many Profiles decided to unsubscribe.

  • Easily Manage Consent

Consent is the cornerstone of digital communication, allowing you to builds both trust and loyalty. Add a simple unsubscribe link to create an easy option to opt-out and ensure that you have permission to hit send.

  • Cost and Time Effective

SMS is one of the most economical marketing techniques. In addition to being a quick and inexpensive method of communication, it is agile and efficient. Short punchy messages that are reported to have an impressive 98% open rate mean that you can spend less time

Want to know how you can utilise SMS campaigns in your communication strategy? Check out the most common use cases for SMS campaigns here.

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