Why Segmentation?

Segmentation is the driving force behind any successful digital marketing campaign!

Send the right campaigns to the right people and personalise your communications, meeting the challenge of catering to more demanding consumers head-on.

With Segmentation, you can plan smarter marketing campaigns when you know exactly who you're talking to. Filter your subscribers based on behaviour, shared traits, and your own insights, and use Segments to target the right recipient with carefully created and personalised content.

Decide what content each recipient will see in each email, based on which Segment they belong to, or filter your subscribers based on a combination of factors - however you choose to do it, Segmentation is a powerful way to ensure the right message lands in the right inbox.

Filter Your Way to Meaningful Interactions

Beautifully designed emails and exciting copy are only part of a great digital marketing campaign.

Think about your audience...

Who exactly do you want to target, and why?

Once you understand your customers and know who you want to communicate with, create Segments that represent any section of your subscribers, and start crafting perfectly tailored content that will appeal to their shared interests, behaviours, or traits.

Geographic Segments are great for businesses that operate in multiple countries or regions, and filtering subscribers based on geographic factors is a fantastic way to stay relevant.

If you have customers in multiple countries, make sure they only receive messages that's fitting for them! Tailor the language, the content they'll see, or even offers they'll receive based on location.

Demographic Segments target subscribers based on their shared traits, and is one of the most effective ways to create meaningful content.

Create Segments that filter your subscribers based on their gender or age, occupation or income: filtering on an almost limitless combination of factors will allow you to create personalised, curated content that recipients will love to engage with.

Behavioural - Utilise the insights collected in APSIS One to craft Segments that filter your subscribers based on how they interact with your brand.

As Segments created based on subscriber's behaviour give greater insights into the behavioural patterns of your subscribers, you can leverage these interactions into even more complex Segments for future marketing campaigns - the more you know about your subscribers, the more you can adapt to their needs.

Sounds good?

Check out our Use Cases for Segmentation for some inspiration, or head straight to our dedicated Segmentation section to get started today!

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