Product Recommendations Asset Price

Customize the way the product price is displayed in your Product Recommendations Asset.

Click Price to see all the options available.


Price Options

In Price Options you can customise the font, size, color and style of your Asset's price.


Price Size

Slide the bar to adjust the font size of your price.


Price Color

Click on the color button to open the color picker.


Use the color picker to choose the right color.

If you already have a standard color, enter the color code in the Hex box. Go ahead and enter the color in RGB format if that's the method you prefer.


Price Font

Click on the Font drop-down menu and select a font from the list.


If you'd like to match the font to the font that is used on your website, select Inherit from website.


Price Font Style

Expand the Font style drop-down menu to choose a style for your headline text.

You can also choose Inherit from website to match your website's font style.


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