About the Design Elements

The design elements are the foundation of your Product Recommendations Asset.

They represent all the product information that is displayed in the Assets you create with the Product Recommendations tool. In the Design Editor, you will pick and choose which ones to display as well as they general styling.

Similarly to the Email Editor, Product Recommendations' Design Editor opens up a panel in the right side where you can modify the styling of your elements once you click one on the left.


Element Visibility

Adjust the visibility of an Asset's element by clicking on the eye icon. This will hide or display the elements from your Asset.


Depending on whether you choose to display or hide a specific element, the canvas will be updated accordingly.

The Background, Image and Title elements cannot be hidden.


Regular / On Sale

Click on the Asset to switch between the regular and the sale version of your products.

When products are shown in your Product Recommendations Asset, you get to choose a different styling for each of them.

If you wish to display only regular items or only sale items, make sure to set it up in the Filters step of Creating a Product Recommendation. Choose a category filter and select the filter that corresponds.


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