Congratulations on creating your Product Recommendations Asset!

Now, let's have an overview of all the settings. Check that all the information is correct; if you would like to change anything, head over to the menu on the left to go back to that step.


HTML Snippet

If your Product Recommendations Asset is meant to be used on your website, the HTML snippet for you to add your Asset will be shown in this step. Use this piece of code to display your Product Recommendations Asset!

We recommend that you test the snippet in a testing environment or test URL so that your current website's layout is not affected while visitors are browsing.


Final step

Does everything look good? Click Activate & Finish.

Your activity can be found in the Active & Paused tab with the Active status if you activate it. If you leave the Wizard at any point in time, it will be saved with a Draft status in the Drafts tab.

Is your Product Recommendations Asset for email?

In that case, you can also jump to the Email tool to create or edit an Email activity where you can use your Product Recommendations Asset.

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