About Team To-Do's

Team To-Do's are account-wide task reminders located in your Information Centre.

Whenever a User creates a to-do, regardless of whether it was an Account Owner or Admin User, these will be visible to all Users of the account.


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How to Add a Team To-Do

1. Head to the Information Centre on the top right corner of the platform and click on your profile picture.


2. Under Private notes and Team To-dos, click Add To-Do.


3. Write a Headline to identify your to-do with, and a Description if you wish to have some extra information.


3. Choose a due date for your to-do by clicking on a date.

Switch between months by clicking the small arrows on the top right of the calendar.


4. When you're finished, click Save. If you want to delete it and start over, click Cancel. That's it!


How to Edit a Team To-Do

1. Click on the Headline or Description fields.


2. Edit the text.


3. To edit the date, click on the date field and then select a different date on the calendar. Use the arrows to go back and forth between months.


4. That's it!


How to Mark a Team To-Do As Done

1. Click on the circle next to the to-do you want to mark as done. Your item will now be moved to a separate tab for done items.


2. If you need to undo it, locate the item and click on the circle again.


How to Delete a Team To-Do

1. Choose the item you wish to delete and click the circle with the x on the top right.


2. To confirm, click Delete. If you're not sure, click Cancel.


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