About Private Notes

Private Notes are quick user-specific sketches that help users keep track of small bits of information.

These can be used for colour codes, quick reminders, something for the user's eyes only.


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How to Add a Private Note

1. Head to the Information Centre on the top right corner of the platform and click on your profile picture.


2. Under Private notes and Team To-dos, click on Private Notes and then on Add Notes.


3. Enter a Headline to identify your note with, then write the content under Description.


4. Ready? Click Save. If you want to scrap the note, click Cancel.


How to Edit a Private Note

1. To edit a note, first find the note you wish to edit.


2. Click on the field you wish to edit, either headline or description.


3. Freely make the changes. Your changes will be saved automatically.


How to Organise Private Notes

Click on the dividers under the notes and drag them to move the notes around.

Release to place the note. Easy, no? Just a drag and drop!


How to Delete a Private Note

1. Find the note you wish to delete.


2. Click the circle with the "x" on the top right corner of the note.

3. Click Confirm to delete the note, otherwise click Cancel.


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