It's now time to decide when your SMS is meant to be sent and review the credit cost.


1. Choose a time for your SMS from the drop-down menu.

Choose Send now to send your SMS right at the end of the Wizard, or choose Scheduled to choose a date and time.


2. If you chose Scheduled, pick a date from the calendar.

Use the arrows on the top right of the calendar to scroll between months, and click on a date once you've found it.


3. To see how many credits your sending will cost, click on Calculate now. This process can take a few minutes, since it needs to fetch the data from all the profiles that will receive the SMS.


4. Your credit cost will be displayed. If you need to buy more credits, click on the buy more credits link.


Questions about credits?

We want this activity to be as smooth as possible, so we created a special section about how SMS credits work, how we calculate the cost, and how the amount of characters affect your SMS message.

Jump over to the About SMS Credits section!

5. Click Next to take a last look at your message details. Almost there!


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