At this point in the wizard, you can create a message for your audience that will spark their interest, or communicate the exciting news you cant wait for them to hear.

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Sender Name

1. Enter a Sender name for your SMS.

We recommend the sender name to be no less than 3 characters and no longer than 11. Some devices will not display sender names shorter than 3 characters correctly.

The accepted sender name characters are the following: A-Z, a-z, 0-9. Additionally, the sender name may not be only numbers.


SMS Message

Write your SMS text in the SMS message field.

You may add links to your SMS as, or

Ensure that your visitor's browsing data is correctly tracked and saved as an Event in their Profile by only using full links. Profile merge won't take place if the visitor clicks on a shortened link, or any link that will redirect the visitor and not include GET query parameters.

The link will be turned into a short link upon sending.


Writing SMS Content

Your character limit per SMS is 160 characters. Consider this as an opportunity to be short and sweet. Longer messages will be sent as multiple SMS, and the use of special characters will affect the maximum character count per SMS.

There are a few things to consider if you're new to sending SMS campaigns, perhaps you'd like to read more about Use Cases for SMS Marketing.

Data Tags

Use Data tags to add a person's details. Read more about Data Tags and how to use them here.

To insert a data tag, type ## and choose a data tag from the drop-down menu. you may also expand the Data tags drop-down on the bottom left corner of the input field. We support both default and custom attributes.


You can also use system information, or system attributes, to customise your SMS message. The system attributes available today are the unsubscribe link and the sent time in 5 different formats.


About Data Tags

Wherever a data tag is added, the tag will be replaced with the data that corresponds with the tag. Example: A tag like ##firstname## should look like a recipients name when received (e.g. Maria). Consider that these depend on what the Account Owner or Admin User has decided to track in your Sections...

Regardless of actual length, all data tags will count as 7 characters in the SMS Content step. When your message is ready to be sent, the real character count will be calculated per SMS and the credit price of your SMS sending will change accordingly. The reason for this is that the character count for each individual SMS will inevitably differ, depending on the members of your Audience and their corresponding data.

Data tags are also handy to allow recipients to perform certain actions. For example, recipients must always have the choice to unsubscribe from your SMS communications, so make sure that you always have the ##Unsubscribe## data tag included in your message.

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