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In this step you will decide if you want to conduct a Split Test of your Email.

A Split Test is a highly useful way to gauge how effective your Email communications are. In the Email Editor, you can send two versions of the same email to a small, customisable sample of your Audience.

Wait for the Email to be delivered, then see how successful each Email was in Email Report, when you can see the number of unique opens, unique clicks, spam complaints, and unsubscribes.

Depending on which test Email performed better, send the successful one to the rest of your recipients!

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Split Test

After clicking Next in the Send To step, you will be taken to Split Test.

The conversation wizard will ask if you want to perform a simple split test.

Click No to be taken to the Details step of the Email Editor.

Click Yes if you want to perform a split test on your Email.

Split Type

Here is where you enter the options for your Split Test.

1. Expand the Split Type drop-down menu and select what type of split you wish to perform.

2. Choose between Sent Time, Sender Name, and Subject Line to choose a detail to split your test emails by.

Number of Splits

1. Next, select the number of splits you wish to perform by clicking on one of the numbers. This will automatically expand the options so you can customise your Split Test.

2. Edit the percentage of recipients who will receive the chosen number of splits, as well as the number of recipients who will receive the winning, or most successful email, by clicking and dragging the dividers in the bar.

Each Split will be represented in the bar by its corresponding letter (A, B, etc.), along with the percentage of your recipients it will be sent to.

3. Click Calculate Profiles to calculate the number of Profiles that will receive each Split Test Email. The number will be shown in the bar next to the percentage.

Split Type Details

Next it's time to customise what information you will be splitting! Depending on which Split Type you chose, you can enter the details directly below.

1. If you chose to Split Test the Subject Line or the Sender Name then enter your two variants in the text boxes provided.

2. If you chose to Split Test the Sent Time, then enter your two send times in the Date Picker.

Winning Version

Now it's time to select when the winning version of the Split Test will be sent to the remainder of your recipients!

1. Under Base Winning Version On, expand the Open Rate drop-down menu, and choose which criteria you wish to base the winning Email on. This could be the most successful Open Rate or Click Rate.

2. Under After, adjust time you want to send the winning Email after the initial Split Test. Expand each drop-down and choose a number, then whether you want it to correspond to minutes, hours or days.

If you want to skip this step, click Skip, or if you're ready, go ahead and click Next to move on to scheduling your Email.

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