Segmentation and Dynamic Assets

Show different items to Profiles using Segmentation, and increase the chances of your recipients interacting with your Email activities.

To filter the items in your Dynamic Asset based on APSIS One Segments, you can add Segmentation already in your source file. You can also add Segmentation manually in the Row Settings, if you prefer.


Take a look at the example below to see how a source file with Segmentation looks.

This example item will be excluded for all Profiles who match the "Male" Segment, and shown to any Profiles that match the "Sweden" Segment:

 "id": 1,
 "title": "Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel",
 "description": "Unwind and retreat at this new luxury hotel next to the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, the area's premier events and conference venue",
 "rating": 4,
 "beds": 2,
 "imageUrl": "",
 "url": "",
 "APSIS_segmentation": {
 "exclude": {
 "operator": "ALL",
 "discriminators": [
 "include": {
 "operator": "ANY",
 "discriminators": [
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