About Segment Conditions

Segment Conditions are added into the canvas in order to create a segment. They can either be Properties, like Attributes or Profile Tags, or Events like Response Data and Website Interactions.

A Segment, ultimately, is a combination of properties and Events that either work together or in spite of each other.

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To add conditions into the Segment canvas, drag and drop elements from the conditions panel on the left into the rows.

Properties must be in the properties row, and Events in the Events row.

While a Segment Condition signal the presence of Profile data, you have the option to specify the expected or desired value of that condition in benefit of your marketing activities.

For example, in the benefit of certain strategies, targeting Profiles that have opened any of your emails at any point in time can be enough. However, other strategies would benefit from targeting those Profiles that opened a specific email activity or clicked a specific link in your newsletters.

To set this up: after dragging the condition into the row, click on the gear icon to open the condition settings.

To add a Segment condition that includes or excludes Profiles without any specific details, like all Profiles who clicked any link in any email at any point in time, for example, simply skip the condition settings.

If you don't modify the condition settings, the segment will treat the condition as generally as possible. For example, if the condition was "Email - Sent", the segment will be based on all Profiles who you have sent any email to, in any point in time.


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