Editing a Segment

Once you set up your Segmentation preferences for your APSIS One Email and SMS tool activities, note that any changes made to the Segment in the Segment Builder will be reflected upon sending.

In other words, editing a Segment that is in use in any activities will result in the latest version of the Segment being used by the tools when sending to the recipients.

How to Edit a Segment

1. Head over to Audience, and select the Segment in the Segments tab.

2. On the Bottom bar, click Edit.

3. The Segment builder will open, where you can make your changes. Go ahead and edit your Segment.

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4. When done, click Save in the Bottom bar.

If you wish to discard your changes, click Back to Audience or on any other pillar in the platform.

Are you sure you want to discard your changes? Then click Yes. Otherwise, click No and Save your changes instead in the Bottom bar.

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