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Here's some useful information about how your recipients will be able to opt-out from your Email communications. Head over here to read more about Consent, or here to read about all the different ways Profiles opt-in and out...

Profiles will be automatically opted out when they click the email's unsubscribe link. This link will lead them to a landing page where they need to confirm their wish to unsubscribe; depending on your options, you will either display a confirmation message or lead them to a page of your choice.

Make sure you add an unsubscribe link and that you adjust your unsubscribe settings.

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How to Add an Unsubscribe Link to an Email

1. Head over to the Email tool and edit an Email activity draft or create a new Email.

Skip this step if you have already created or are in the process of creating an email.


2. Drag and drop the Element you want to use from the Design Panel into the Email canvas.

For this example, we will use a Text Element. Directly on the Element, write the text for your items.

Make sure you write a clear, straightforward text for your Unsubscribe link.


3. Select the Unsubscribe text.


4. Click on the link button in the inline text editor.


5. Click the Link type drop-down menu to expand the options and choose Unsubscribe


7. Click Insert. All done!


Adjusting Your Email Unsubscribe Settings

1. Make sure that you've added an unsubscribe link in your Email.


2. While in the Email editor, open the Settings by clicking on the Email's name on the Structure Panel or Settings on the bottom bar.


Then click Unsubscribe to see the Unsubscribe Settings.


Unsubscribe page

1. Since clicking the unsubscribe link will take them to a landing page, start by entering a headline for that page under Headline.


2. Enter the message for your landing page under Message. This message could be a question, asking them whether they are sure they'd like to unsubscribe or if they're there by mistake.


3. To confirm that they wish to unsubscribe, they will have to click on a button. Enter the text for that button under Button.



1. On Confirmation type, you will choose what action the button will do.

Click the drop-down menu to choose between Message, to show them a confirmation message, and Redirect Link to take them to another page of your choice. Regardless of the page you choose to redirect them to, clicking the button will effectively unsubscribe them from your Email communications.


If you choose Message:

Enter a message for the landing page under Confirmation message.


If you choose Redirect Link:

Lead them to a page of your choice after they confirm that they wish to opt-out.

Enter the URL of that page under Redirect Link.

Regardless of the page you choose to redirect them to, clicking the button will effectively unsubscribe them from your Email communications.



Your unsubscribe page will look like this:


1. Choose a logo for the unsubscribe page. Make sure that the dimensions of the image file are 100x100px for optimal image quality. Larger images will be resized to fit these dimensions.


2. Enter the text for your logo.


3. Click on the circle next to Background colour to open the colour picker.

If you already have a standard colour, enter the colour code in the Hex box. Go ahead and enter the colour in RGB format if that's the method you prefer. The colour picker will save 16 of your recently used colours for each Email. Every new Email will have no recently used colours, but the colours will remain for each Email whenever you go back into editing.

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