About Double Opt-in and Pending Status

If you have an active Website tool Signup bar or Forms & Pages Form, visitors can opt-in to your communications as they browse through your website.

In the Signup bar messaging settings, you have the possibility to enable Double Opt-in, which allows you to confirm the subscription of those Profiles who opt-in to your communications by providing their Email consent.


As to your Form, you can enable Double Opt-in in the Terms & Conditions Element and the Consent Element.

For your confirmation email and page to match your branding guidelines, you must head over to Account Settings and adjust your Double Opt-in options under Sections. Read more about Double Opt-in...

Once a visitor has provided their email consent they will receive an email message where they are asked to confirm their subscription.

Until they've confirmed their subscription, their Profile will show their email channel consent as pending.

Profiles with a Pending Opt-in Email level of consent will not receive any of your sendings until they confirm their subscription.

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