About Consent, subscriptions and Profiles

Profiles provide their consent by subscribing to a Topic in a Consent list. So, by creating Consent lists and their corresponding Topics, you can manage and review the subscriptions and Profiles who subscribed.

Profiles can opt-in to multiple Topics, so it's interesting to see how your more popular Topics perform against the number of Profiles in your Audience over time.

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How to Create a Consent List and Topics

1. Go to Audience in the side menu

2. click Add a New Profile.

Create Consent lists and Topics to collect Profile's subscription preferences.

1. Click on Create a New Consent list.


2. A pop-up will show up for you to fill in.


3. Fill in the List name.


4. Add the Topics for your Consent list. Click Add New to add a new Topic.


5. Under Topic name, write the name of your Topic.


6. Repeat the previous two steps until you've added all your Topics.

7. Made a mistake? To edit a Topic, click on the edit icon on the right of the Topic.


To delete, click the X.

7. All done? Click Save Changes to save your list.

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