About Real Time Profile Merge

Once the APSIS One Tracking Script is installed on your website, Unknown Profiles are automatically created and both Known and Unknown Profiles are updated with their browsing behaviour.

The same way Profiles are identified as previous visitors, Magento customers synced with APSIS One Profiles are also identified when they return to your website.

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Real Time Merge

Visitors associated with your Magento account that are not synced with APSIS One are identified via their Cookie ID, the same way a visitor is identified when they return to your website from an email message. Read more about Profile merge...

This way, their Magento customer profile is synced with their Unknown Profile thanks to the Cookie ID, and a Known Profile is created with both the Magento profile data and email address as an Email Attribute in APSIS One.

In short, real-time merge between Magento profiles and APSIS One Profiles happens the same way as it does between APSIS One Profiles.

The result: between syncs, Magento customer profiles still become APSIS One Profiles with their contact information they provided with consent, as well as their browsing behavior and all other data.

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