Using Templates is a great way to jump-start the creation of a Forms and Pages activity for your website. However, after adjusting the design, it's important that you set up your activity to collect all the important information just the way you want it gathered in APSIS One Profiles...

But it's very simple: simply review the mappings and how you collect consent.


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Review the Mappings

As your Forms and Pages activities will be collecting Profile data from your website's visitors, it's important that all Elements contained in the activity are mapped to the right Attribute. This will populate your Profiles with data that you can use in all your future marketing activities.

To adjust an Element's mapping, click the Element in the Canvas and tick the Map to Attribute checkbox in the Element Options.


Collecting Consent

If you intend to collect consent from your visitors, you must adjust the Forms and Pages activity after choosing your Template.

To collect consent, you will need a Terms and Conditions Element or a Consent Element, at least one Input Field Element and a Submit Button.

About Collecting Consent

You can request consent for email or SMS communications with the Consent Element and the Terms and Conditions Element.

While the Terms and Conditions Element subscribes Profiles to designated Subscriptions, the Consent Element subscribes Profiles to Subscriptions of their choice.

To adjust the consent mapping, click the Element in the Canvas and select a Subscriptions under Mapping, in the Element Options.

To read more about consent management, head over here.


Don't forget the channel!

Pick either Email or SMS as a communication channel for gathering consent. Read more about Consent...

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