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What makes an expert form?

Whenever asking for consent for email or SMS communications, it's essential that you include a Terms & Conditions Element or a Consent Element, an Input Field Element and a Submit Button!

The Consent Element is useful for providing your visitors with different choices regarding their consent: which Subscription do they want to opt-in to? How often do they wish to receive your communications? Bring your Subscription to the next level by giving visitors a clear picture of what you provide!

In turn, the Terms and Conditions Element allows you to collect consent from your visitors as they agree with the purpose of your communications and data collection.

Finally, the Input Field Element is where visitors will type in their email address or mobile number... Don't miss this one! Add as many as necessary to build a complete Profile: first name, last name, country and just about anything that allows visitors to get personalized communications.

Don't forget the Submit Button! Quite essential, and crucial for visitors to submit the form.

About Collecting Consent

You can request consent for email or SMS communications with the Consent Element and the Terms and Conditions Element.

While the Terms and Conditions Element subscribes Profiles to designated Subscriptions, the Consent Element subscribes Profiles to Subscriptions of their choice.

How to Create a Form

1. Create your activity by interacting with the Forms Editor. Drag and drop Elements from the Design Panel into the Canvas to build your activity.

Our blank Template includes four empty rows, with one column each, to get you started.

Need a rundown of all the elements and the Design Panel? Jump to this article.


The Forms & Pages Editor

The centre of the Editor is called the Canvas. It looks like a preview of your activity, which takes shape as you put elements together.

To design your Form, you will use Elements and Assets. There are in the Design Panel on the right, ready to be dragged and dropped into the Canvas!

As you build your activity, the structure is shown on the left in order to keep track of things, and edit the settings of the Rows and Columns created. This area is called the Structure Panel.

Don't forget about the Bottom Bar! There you can move back to the previous step, edit your settings, and move onto the Next Step when you're finished with the design.

2. Double check the Settings on the Bottom Bar. When everything is correct, click Done.


Next step

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