It's time to choose how the bar behaves in relation to the rest of your website.


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Choose the Position you want your bar to have.

Click the radio button for the option you prefer: bottom of the page or top of the page.



Choose on which pages you wish to display your bar.

Click On All Pages to have it displayed on all pages.

If you only want it on your homepage, click On Homepage Only.

For a custom page, choose Only on This URL, and enter the desired address.


Tick the Include the X Close Button box to allow visitors to remove the bar.

Of course, the bar will show up the next time they visit your website.


Desktop and Mobile

Choose whether it should be displayed only on desktop, mobile or both.



Set the Timing for your sign-up bar.

By choosing never hide, the bar will always be in the page as long as the user doesn't close or submits information.

Hide bar after xx seconds starts a timer when the visitor loads the page. Enter the amount of time under Time.

Choose Show once in session to display it only once during their browsing session.


When you're done with these settings, click Next.


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