The Sign-up bar is composed of a message, an input field and a button. You may also link to your Terms and Conditions. The message depends on whether the visitor has just completed the bar, or has already done so in the past.

Since these messages are displayed in the bar, it's a great opportunity to be short and sweet. Be brief, friendly and get down to business.

As mentioned above, there are three types of messages: first, thank you and return message.

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First Message

The First Message is shown if your visitor hasn't seen or filled in the bar before. Welcome your customers next time they visit your website. Collect their email and allow them to opt-in... Watch the magic happen!


1. Write your Sign-up bar message on the Message field.


2. Write the button text on the CTA Message field.


3. Don't forget about the Input text! This is the text that will be displayed in the box where visitors will enter their Email.


Link to Terms and Conditions

If you wish, you may add information about your domain's Terms and Conditions, and ask visitors to agree before they opt-in to your communications.

1. Click on the Display Terms & Conditions checkbox.


2. Enter a message for the checkbox.


3. If all visitors must agree with your policies, check the Required box.


4. Enter the URL where your Terms and Conditions are hosted in the Terms Link input field.


Thank You Message

This message will appear after your visitors have entered their Email and clicked the button. Show your appreciation with a "thank you" message once they opt-in, or perhaps display a promotional code?


1. Write your chosen text under Message.


Return Message

With a Return Message you can keep returning visitors engaged. Write a nice, welcoming message and perhaps guide them to an offer.


If you wish, you may skip this completely by ticking the Do Not Display on Return box.


1. Write the return message here. Remember this will be displayed on your bar, so make sure that the text fits the bar design.


2. Use the call to action button to direct them to a page of your choice by editing the CTA text.


3. Where does the CTA take them? Add the CTA link.


Double Opt-in

Double Opt-in allows you to confirm the subscription of those Profiles who opt-in to your communications by providing their Email consent.

For your confirmation email and page to match your branding guidelines, you must head over to Account Settings and adjust your Double Opt-in options under Sections. Before you can enable Double Opt-in for your Sign-up bar, you must complete these settings.

Tick Enable Double Opt-in to send an opt-in confirmation email to the Profiles that sign up via your Sign-up bar. If you leave this option unticked, the consent for all Profiles who opt-in via this Sign-up bar will be automatically confirmed.


If enabled:

Once a visitor has provided their email consent they will receive an email message where they are asked to confirm their subscription.

Until they've confirmed their subscription, their Profile will show their email channel consent as pending.

Profiles with a Pending Opt-in Email type of consent will not receive any of your sendings until they confirm their subscription. Read more about consent here.


2. Done already? Click Next.


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