This is the very first step of creating your Sign-up bar. In this step, we will be fixing up the essential settings.

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Working Name

Enter a Working Name for your sign-up bar.

This name is completely internal and will not be visible when the bar is on your website. Its purpose is to be able to distinguish the sign-up bar from other bars you've created in your APSIS One account.



Click on the drop-down menu and choose a Section.

Choose the Section that corresponds with the desired Audience of this Sign-up Bar.

When choosing which Section you want to use for your activity, please bear in mind that the Sections visible are dependent on your User role and permissions. Read more about User roles here.


Once you choose a Section and click next, you will not be able to change Section for this particular email activity.


Choose the Domain to display the sign-up bar on. We will verify that your domain's Tracking Script is installed.

Go here if you have domain-related questions.


Language Options

You may create more than one Signup bar for your domain by matching the domain's cookie.

Enable this feature if, for example, your domain can be shown in different languages. If you want to enable it, click on a language on the right side drawer. Read more about domains and language options...

To enable this activity for all the languages in your domain, simply click only on the domain.

Remember to create a separate Sign-up bar activity for each language that you support.



Choose a communication channel to request consent for by clicking the drop-down menu under Channel.



Expand the Folder and Subscriptions drop-down, and hover over a Folder in the drop-down menu.

You'll see the Subscriptions of each Folder, click on the Subscription(s) you wish to add Profiles to.

5. Ready? Click Next.


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