How to Access a Profile

1. Make sure you're in the Profiles tab, on the top left side of the Audience page.


2. Select the Section you'd like to see by clicking on the drop down menu on the right side, on top of the list.

You will only see the Sections you've been granted access to, and no Section options if you only have permission for one Section.


You'll see the Unknown and Known Profiles gathered in a list. You will see a maximum of 25 Profiles at a time. To see more, choose a Subscription and export the Profiles.


3. Double-click on a Profile from the list, or search for one by using the search bar. This search is, of course, Section-specific.

To search for a specific Profile, enter an email address or phone number.


Found it? Double click the Profile and you'll see something like this:


4. Take a look at the left side menu. There you will see tabs where all Profile data is organized.

Curious about Profile data?

Head over to this article, where you can read more about all the types of Profile data tracked and stored in APSIS One.

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