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In this section you'll find information about the Assets tab within the Email tool.

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About Email Assets

What is an Asset?

An Asset is a type of user-made Email content. Essentially, it's a Row in an Email saved for future campaigns. It's saved as an independent module that can be added to emails for quick, on-brand content.

A big benefit of saving Rows as Assets is to save time in the Email editor by not having to create the same Row repeatedly, like your standard Email footer.

If created from the Email Editor, your Asset may only contain one Row, whereas an Asset made from the Assets tab can contain as many Rows as you wish.

Working with Assets also makes it easy to maintain design and branding consistency within all your Email campaigns.

There's different types of Assets:

  • Regular: The content is static, and looks exactly the same every time you use this Asset in your Email tool activities.

  • Dynamic: These Assets are created and designed as regular Assets, but contain placeholders that are replaced with the data contained in your own, external source (JSON, XML or RSS). When adding these Assets into the Email Editor's Canvas, you must enter a source URL for the Email Editor to replace the placeholders with the information in your own source. Jump to this article to read more about placeholders and sources...

  • Product Recommendation (3rd party): This asset will allow you to easily integrate with some of the product recommendation provides available. Read more about this...

  • Personalised (BETA BY REQUEST): These work the same as Dynamic Assets, but allow for personalisation to be used in cart abandonment emails in Marketing Automation flows. Read more about Cart Layout Assets here...

Assets Tab

In this tab you will find the Assets you have created in the Email Editor.


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