Easily reschedule your activity
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How to Reschedule an Activity

If you paused your activity, and the send time passed, you can easily reschedule it by following the steps below.

1. Click on the paused activity you wish to schedule.


2. On the Bottom bar, click Activate.


3. If your activity's original sending time has not passed, you will need to confirm that you wish to send it then.

Click Yes to keep the original time, or Reschedule to go back to the conversation wizard and choose a new date and time. Did you choose to keep the original time? In that case, your Email status will become Scheduled. All done!


If your activity's original sending time has passed, you must choose a new date and time. Click Reschedule to reschedule your email or SMS message. If you don't want to reschedule it, then click Cancel.


4. If you chose to reschedule it, the conversation wizard will open and you will find yourself in the Schedule step.


5. Choose a new time and date, then click Next.


6. In the Overview step, make sure everything looks right. When you're ready, click Schedule.


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