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Need to stop or pause an activity? Here's how to do it
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How to Stop an Activity

In a stopped Marketing Automation flow, Profiles remain in the node they were at the time of stopping and do not move to the next node until the flow is activated again. If any nodes are waiting for Event data, Events that occur while the flow was stopped will not be considered at the time of reactivating the flow.

The Listen node will not collect Profiles while the flow is stopped. Stopped flows can be paused or activated in the Bottom bar.

1. Click on the activity that you would like to pause.

2. On the Bottom bar, click Stop.

3. Are you sure you want to stop the activity?

Click Stop. Otherwise, click Pause or Cancel.

Pausing an Activity

You can pause active activities both from the tool and the Calendar.

Pausing a Marketing Automation flow will result in preventing the Profiles from moving onto another node. Consequently, they will stay in the node they were at the time you paused the flow.

However, the Listen node in a paused flow will continue to receive new Profiles, and any nodes that are waiting for Event data will consider the Events that occur while the flow was paused.

If there is an Email node in your flow, those emails will be sent at the original sending time to the profiles who were in the node at the time of pausing. This means that even if a flow is paused, an email scheduled to be sent in the future will still be sent to those profiles who reached the node.

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