Consent Table

Will a Profile receive my Email or SMS message?

Here's a table to further visualize how opt-outs can override existing opt-ins in your APSIS One account. Depending on the level, a Profile can have limited types of consent, so you won't see an opt-in in the Account or Section levels.

On the Level column, you can see the different levels where Profiles can have an opt-in or opt-out.

On the Type columns, you can see whether a Profile can have an opt-in or an opt-out depending on the level.

The checkmark reflects opt-in and the cross reflects opt-out.

Next to Result you can see whether the Profile will or will not receive any communications related to a specific Subscription in APSIS One. Profiles can, of course, opt-in to multiple Subscriptions.

Level of Consent

Type of Consent




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