Types of Consent

When Profiles opt-in and out from your communications, they will gain these types of consent. You can see a comprehensive summary of Profiles' consent changes in their Consent Timeline.

Profiles' consent can be generally divided in two different statuses, and this is often enough to understand whether a Profile will or will not receive your communications:

  • Opt-in: Subscribed, provided consent.

  • Opt-out: Unsubscribed, withdrawn consent.

However, there are different types of opt-in and opt-outs. Here are the different types of consent, depending on the level and the status of their consent.

Looking to enable Double Opt-in?

Opt-in Types

As Profiles can only opt-in on the Topic level, all the types below refer to their consent for a Topic in a Consent list.


It allows sending SMS or Email communications to the Profile's address, but the individual behind the Profile has not confirmed their subscription (Double Opt-in)

Pending Opt-in Email

When hovering over the Email consent icon, you will see this level of consent. It signals that the Profile subscribed via a Sign-up bar or Form with Double Opt-in enabled, but they have not confirmed their subscription.

This type of consent will prevent the address from receiving any communications, and the Profile will be excluded from sendings until they confirm their opt-in.

Confirmed Opt-in Email

The Profile has confirmed their subscription for SMS and/or Email communications.

This consent is provided for a Topic in a Consent list

Opt-out Types

Topic Opt-out

An explicit request of removal of an existing subscription from a Topic. The Profile will not receive communications from the channel (SMS or Email) associated with the Topic inside a Consent list.

A Topic opt-out overrides an existing Topic opt-in, but a new opt-in can be configured to resubscribe a Profile.

Section Opt-out

An explicit request of removal of all existing subscriptions associated with a Section (all Consent lists and Topics in the Section).

A Section opt-out overrides all Topic opt-ins. The Profile will not receive communications from the channel (SMS or Email) associated with the Section.

A Section opt-out is different than multiple Topic opt-outs; it's a specific level of consent for Profiles with an opt-out all in APSIS Pro, for example.

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