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Take a look at our About Profile Data article for a good overview of what Profiles are and what types of data they contain.

About Profile Merge

What is Profile merge?

With APSIS One, data stored in several Profiles can be associated as belonging to the same visitor thanks to something we call Profile merging. To avoid duplicates and keep data relevant, APSIS One merges Profiles that can be confirmed to belong to the same individual, while keeping Profiles that have different owners separate.

The most important aspect to consider about the Profile merge mechanism is that it keeps Profile data secure. APSIS One must confirm that the visitor who browsed through your website indeed owns the email address or mobile number provided via a Sign-up bar, Forms activity or any other APSIS One activities or feature.

Looking to enable Double Opt-in?

You can enable Double Opt-in in a Signup bar's Messaging step, or in a Form's Terms & Conditions or Consent Element.

Known and Unknown Profiles merge when a consent-related activity logs an event (like a Double Opt-in confirmation, or an email click) and the APSIS One Tracking Script is able to recognise the Cookie ID as belonging to an Unknown Profile. Merging happens continuously, as individuals commonly browse from different devices, open their emails from their mobile phones, clear their browsing history and cookies, etc.

Unknown Profiles are created as visitors browse through your website, and a Profile that has been identified previously might not be identified in all of their future browsing instances. For example, if a visitor clears their cookies or visits from a new device, they will remain unidentified until a merge happens with a consent-related activity (like arriving to your website from a link in your email).

If including links to your website in your Email activities, ensure that your visitor's browsing data is correctly tracked and saved as an Event in their Profile by using only full links. Profile merge won't take place if the visitor clicks on a shortened link, or any link that will redirect the visitor and not include the GET query parameters.

As long as a Profile exists in your Audience, and the individual browses through your website and interacts with your communications, different merge instances will continue to happen.

How does the merge happen?

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