1. As an administrator, open a browser and navigate to:


You will be prompted for your Sitecore password. Use an account with full administrator rights, such as the built-in admin user or similar.

2. Fill in the Client ID and Client Secret.

If you haven't yet, head over to the API Management tab to generate your API credentials before you set up Sitecore.


3. Select the Time Zone that matches the server.


Please note that Token Endpoint, Segments Endpoint and Evaluations Endpoint should not be changed without an instruction from our APSIS Support team.


4. Click Start setup.


That's it!

You will see a success message indicating that your segments were successfully synchronised with Sitecore. If you encounter any issues, or see a different message, please take a look at your Sitecore log file together with your development team to investigate any possible mishaps before you contact APSIS Support.

Once the setup is done, all files and items mentioned in Connector Module Overview above will have been added, along with an initial synchronisation of your APSIS One segments with your Sitecore account.

To verify that segments have been created, navigare to /sitecore/system/Modules/Apsis Connector/Segments in the Sitecore Content Editor.

No segments?

Try these steps before you contact APSIS Support:

  1. Refresh the node.

  2. Check the Sitecore log file.

  3. Head over to APSIS One's Audience and verify the segments in your account.


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