About the Sitecore Integration

The APSIS Sitecore Connector Module enables Sitecore editors to use Segments created in APSIS One for personalisation rules in Sitecore. Segments are created and maintained in APSIS One and automatically transferred to Sitecore so that they can be used in combination with other Sitecore conditions.

The Connector Module is integrated into the Sitecore Rules engine, so it is possible to leverage the standard functionality, including combined rules.

For marketers

Find out how the Sitecore integration makes it easy for you to make the website experience more personal with these hands-on use cases for CMS integrations to APSIS One.

Use cases for CMS integrations

Why a CMS integration improves your marketing


For developers

Get a quick overview of the installation process and what version of Sitecore you need to be able to integrate with APSIS One.


Summary of installation


About Sitecore

"Sitecore creates human connections between brands and their customers with rich end-to-end content, seamless commerce, and always-on personalization so brands can thrive in a world where, without a digital experience, there is no product."

Read more on Sitecore's website.

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