While the Real-time and Full Sync features are excellent at transporting your Profile data quickly, without mapping for consent it's hard to utilise the data in your email marketing campaigns.

The Consent tab allows users to map any True/False (boolean) field on the contact card to Channel Consent to any Subscription in your APSIS One Section.


Before you begin your Consent Mapping there are a few things to consider:

  1. Do not use any system other than Microsoft Dynamics 365 to manage the consent of your Profiles.

  2. In order for the solution to work, do not add any other ways of managing consent than a CRM User changing the boolean field on the customer's contact card, or the contact themselves opting out from a Subscriptionby clicking the Opt-out link in the footer of an Email.

  3. If consent has been previously collected elsewhere, then it must be added to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and formatted correctly, following the steps in this article.

  4. Add a boolean field to the contact entity for each APSIS One Subscription you wish to map to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription.

If any of these rules are broken, then the Consent Mapping will not accurately sync your contact's consent with APSIS One Profiles.

How to Set up Consent Mapping

1. Head over to the Integrations tab in your Section, locate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and click Edit.


2. Select the Consent tab.


3. Under Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, expand the Contact Card drop-down menu and select Allow Newsletters.


4. Under APSIS One, expand the Subscription drop-down menu and select the Subscription you'd like to map with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM subscriptions.

5. Under Channel Consent, tick the Email and/or SMS boxes to choose which Channel your Profiles should have consent for.

If you don't tick the checkboxes, Profiles will not gain consent for communications via SMS or Email, and you won't be able to send them emails or SMS messages with APSIS One.


6. Click Add new mapping to map another Subscription. Repeat the process above for all the Subscription you wish to map with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM account.


7. Click Save.


After completing these steps, it is essential to run a Full Sync. Find out how to do this by clicking the next step below.

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