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Microsoft Dynamics 365: Sync Conditions
Microsoft Dynamics 365: Sync Conditions
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Use Sync Conditions to make sure that you only sync the Profile data that corresponds with your APSIS One Section. These conditions are useful to filter the data sent into APSIS One from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM based on a specific value.

For example, if you have multiple business units based on different countries (Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong...), you can feed customer data into APSIS One Profiles as long as their Country CRM field matches your section's country. So, for Profile data to be fed into the Sweden Section in APSIS One, the CRM's Country field must equal "Sweden". You may add multiple sync conditions to ensure that the right Profile data is always sent to the right Section.

How to Add Sync Conditions

1. Head over to the Integrations tab in your Section, locate Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and click Edit.


2. Select the Sync Conditions tab.


3. Under CRM Field, click Add new rule.


4. Expand the drop-down menu and choose a field.


5. Under Value, enter the value for this field. Profiles will only be created and updated as long as the customer data from your CRM matches this value.

Repeat this process with as many conditions as you need.


6. When done, click Save.


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