About the Tracking Script

The APSIS One Tracking Script is a piece of code that allows your website to feed data into APSIS One.

For us to gather data and give you fitting insights, you must install the Tracking Script correctly. It will be used to gather web statistics for your websites, and it will also allow us to display the Cookie banners, Sign-up bars, etc. created with APSIS One. Jump over here to read more about the data tracked by the APSIS One Tracking Script...

In this article you'll find detailed information about the Tracking Script in regards to its installation and functionality.

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Tracking Script Specifications

Here's an overview of all the features, limitations and specifications of the APSIS One Tracking Script.

The Tracking Script loads asynchronously (operates independently, and does not depend on other applications) with an average of 50-60ms loading time, and it will not affect the performance of your website.

Please consider that if your domain is protected and can only be accessed with a specific link or by using a VPN, password or any other credentials, APSIS One will not be able to display your domain's status. However, the Tracking Script will still be able to collect data.

Make sure to install the Tracking Script in the head section of your website for optimal performance.

Is your website built as a Single Page Application? (SPA) If yes, make sure that the history.pushState() method is implemented, and is adding a state to the browser's session history stack. The URL change is optional. This method allows the Tracking Script to log Events like Page View into APSIS One Profiles when they browse your website. Read more in Mozilla Web Docs.

The Tracking Script is hosted on a CDN provided by Apsis, which means it's a third party script.

If you have configured and enabled a Content Security Policy (CSP) for your page, make sure to add *.ws.apsis.one in the Europe and *.ws-apac.apsis.one in in the APAC to the list of trusted providers.

Read more about CSP in Mozilla's documentation...

The requirements for the Tracking Script to properly perform are:

  • JavaScript.

  • LocalStorage.

  • Cookies.

  • Internet connection.

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