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Magento: Sync Historical Events
Magento: Sync Historical Events
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Sync Historical Events

Sync Historical events from your Magento account into your APSIS One account, and create a more complete picture of your customer's journey and behavioural Events. Syncing won't break any of your existing APSIS One activities, and will allow for the creation of useful Segments to be used to target Profiles in future campaigns.

Before you begin, please note that the option to sync historical Events will be disabled after the first sync, so ensure that you sync the data for the desired amount of time the first time.

If a mistake is made, the Reset Module button can be used to reset the installation.

1. In the left side navigation, go to Stores, then Configuration. Expand the Apsis One drop-down menu, and select Events.


It is possible to sync the historical data from the following Events:

  • Customer/Subscriber Places an Order

  • Customer Adds A Product to Cart

  • Customer Leaves a Product Review

  • Customer Adds Product To Wishlist

2. In the Past Events drop-down menu, select how long back you want to retrieve the data to sync.


3. Click Save Config in the top of the screen.


4. Repeat this process with all the Events you want to sync.

That's it! The sync will be performed automatically once a day, at midnight in the client server's timezone, and past Events will be visible in APSIS One the following day (after midnight).

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