Folder and Subscription Sync

Sync your APSIS One Folders and Subscriptions with your Magento subscriptions. Go to your Admin panel and the APSIS One drop-down and choose Profile Sync.

  1. Start by enabling the Subscriber Sync. Expand the Enabled drop-down and choose Enable.


2. Take a look at General Subscription drop-down and select the Subscription you wish to sync with your subscribers in Magento. You must select a default Subscription for the sync to work. This will be the default Subscription all subscribers will opt-in to.

3. In the Subscription list to find further Subscriptions you might have created in your Apsis One data section. You may select up to four additional Subscriptions that your Customers can manage on their My Account page. To select multiple Subscriptions, hold the Ctrl/Cmd key in your keyboard and click the items.

4. Click Save Config. That's it!


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