Magento: Data Mappings
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Data Mappings

In addition to the basic contact information, the Magento module allows you to map more than 50 sections of key retail information with your Section in your APSIS One account.

To set up your Data Mappings, head over to Magento's Admin panel and choose Data Mappings under the APSIS One drop-down menu.


1. Map your Section by expanding the drop down menu and selecting an item.

After mapping a Section, you will be able to map Attributes. The Email Attribute must be mapped in order to sync Profiles.


2. Click Save Config.


3. Expand the Attribute Mapping drop-downs to begin mapping.

There are three types of Attribute mappings:

Common Attributes are common to both Magento subscribers and customers.

Subscriber Attributes are exclusive to Magento subscribers.

Customer Attributes are exclusive to Magento customers.


4. Expand each drop-down menu and select an Attribute to map Magento's data with APSIS One Profiles.


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