GIT Installation

Plan your installation carefully

In a production environment, installation should be planned before continuing, as your site may be in maintenance mode until Magento is running again.

Before installing Magento on APSIS One, we strongly recommend you to install and test the module on your staging server, and we strongly recommend that you backup your Magento databases and your website.

How to Install via GIT

Before you begin

If installing the Magento module via GIT, then you must first install the dependency found in this library in order for us to sync the phone number in Magento with APSIS One's mobile Attribute.

1. Create the directory structure for GIT in Magento at Magento_Root/app/code/Apsis

2. Clone repository into the directory with the following command in the Magento root: git clone One

3. Run the following command in the Magento root: php bin/magento module:enable Apsis_One

4. Then run php bin-magento setup:upgrade

5. If you have a single website and store, run php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Otherwise, if you have multiple websites and stores, run php bin/magento setup:di:compile-multi-tenant

6. Clear the cache. All set!

Next Step

How to update

The process for updating with git is almost the same as installation

Using the your command line shell, navigate to the module's directory and pull the changes from the repo using the command git pull

After this, follow steps 4-6 of the installation process.

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