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Here are a few details about the Magento integration with APSIS One.

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Module File Location

The Magento module installs files in one of the following locations, depending on the installation method:

For an FTP / GIT installation: MAGENTO_ROOT/app/code

For a Composer installation: MAGENTO_ROOT/vendor

Database Tables

The module creates the following tables in Magento's Database:


The module will copy data related to historical Magento subscribers and customers to:

apsis_profile table

Magento Admin Panel

The module creates the following resources in Magento's admin panel:

Reports > Apsis One > Apsis Profile
Reports > Apsis One > Apsis Event
Reports > Apsis One > Apsis Abandoned Basket
Stores > Settings > Configuration > Apsis Configuration

Cron Tasks

Magento performs operations on schedule (Cron) by periodically running a script.

The connector module has several cron tasks attached with the installation to ensure that the connector functions correctly. Below is a list of current tasks and their timings:

Tasks with 5 minute intervals:


Tasks with 30 day intervals by default can be adjusted in the connector's configuration:


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