Here's a summary of the process of integrating Magento with your APSIS One account. Click to jump right to a section in the article for a more detailed run-down.

You will need an APSIS One Administrator role to perform the Magento Connector installation. We also recommend that the installation is performed by a developer.

1. Install the correct version of Magento.

2. Enable Magento in APSIS One.

3. Install the Magento module, either via Composer, FTP, or GIT.

4. Set up your Magento Stores by pairing them with Sections in APSIS One.

5. Map the data from your Magento account with Attributes in your APSIS One account.

6. Sync your APSIS One Subscription with your Magento subscriptions.

7. Sync historical Events from your Magento account.

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