Connect APSIS One and Magento

APSIS One's Magento Integration allows for a full sync between Magento and your APSIS One Audience. Synchronise Magento's customer data into Profiles and populate them with their behavioural Events and informative sales data.

For marketers

Curious to know what E-commerce data you can leverage in APSIS One? Or are you looking for inspiration for how marketers usually personalise their online store? Get your burning questions answered straight away.

For developers

Get a quick overview of how to connect your Magento store to the APSIS One marketing platform. Follow the step-by-step implementation guides to ensure a smooth integration process.

Pave the way for a personalized E-commerce experience

Integrating Magento with your APSIS One account ensures that every touchpoint in your customer's journey is captured, Segmented, personalized. This allows you to efficiently use the data to convert and engage your customers.

Using Magento Profile data and behavioral Events in your digital marketing efforts will also help streamline your customer journey, and create a more holistic approach to the way your business runs.

About Magento

"Magento is the leading platform for open commerce integration, handling over $100 billion in gross merchandise volume every year.

Read more on Magento's website

To read more about the data fed into APSIS One Profiles from your Magento integration, take a look at this section.

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