Recurring Sync

Since your APSIS Pro account may still gather important data and may still be used simultaneously with your APSIS One account during your transition period, you may allow the Migration Wizard to migrate data periodically.

You will be able to pause and activate any migrations from your Account Settings.

If you choose to have a recurring migration, your APSIS One account will be updated with your APSIS Pro account's latest data in your next migration. Recurring migrations will occur approximately every 24 hours, from the time it first synced. If you edit and save the migration, the sync will start automatically and will continue to occur approximately every 24 hours from the time of the last edit.

1. Would you like to update subscriber data? Check the update mapped Profile Attributes box. Only Attributes that you mapped in an earlier step of this wizard will be migrated.


2. Which subscriptions would you like to periodically update? Check the boxes that apply:

  • Opt-in mailing lists: As Profiles opt-in, update their channel consent in APSIS One.

  • Opt-out mailing lists: If Profiles opt-out, update their channel consent in APSIS One, Profiles are opted out from the Subscription.

  • Opt-out all: If Profiles opt-out from all communications, update their channel consent in APSIS One. Opt-out alls are migrated as Section Opt-outs in APSIS One. Read more about consent here...


3. Should the Migration Wizard update Profile Events based on campaign response data? If yes, check the boxes that correspond with the type of data you want to migrate periodically:

  • Opens: The times the Profiles opened an email you sent them.

  • Clicks: The times the Profiles clicked a link on an email you sent them.

  • Sent, delivered and bounced: The delivery details of the Profiles you sent an email to.

  • Migrate list opt-out: The moment the Profiles opted out from your communications.


4. Done? Click Save.


Congratulations on completing your migration!

To activate your migration, click Migrate now.

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